Although in its relative infancy, the e-cigarette is already changing the lives of millions of smokers worldwide.

All emerging technologies develop and improve over time – the electronic cigarette is no different.  The industry is home to many innovative companies that have driven the evolution of the product considerably over the last decade and in today’s market a dazzling array of hardware options exist.

Innovation has been great for improving the end-user experience, but on the flip side it has left many people who are new to e-cigs bewildered and confused.  Knowing what to buy can be very confusing, especially if you’re completely new to vaping.

Take a quick browse on any of the vaping forums and you’ll soon realise there are many debates raging on about the best ecigs, who uses what and why brand x is better than brand Y and so on.

Sharing experiences, product information and trying out different products can be all part of the fun of your new vaping experience.  However, the downside when you’re a total newbie can be spending hours in front of the computer researching what to buy.  You’re bombarded with a host of information with the end result being that you’re even more confused than when you started out!

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